Mad max the wasteland estreno

Mad max the wasteland estreno

Mad max: the wasteland

All of your favorite streaming services are gearing up for a pretty big roster change. Netflix , Disney + , HBO Max , Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have a slew of new movies and shows that will be added to their lineups during the month of January, and each of them recently released the full list of what’s to come.

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Racer And The Jailbird , 1979 Rumor Has It , 2005 Ser Bi (Les Tissus Blancs) , 2020 Spare Parts , 2015 (HBO) Stealing Harvard , 2002 (HBO) ) Sudden Impact , 1983 Sunset Song , 2015 (HBO) Super Fly , 1972 Supergirl , 2015 Swordfish , 2001 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies , 2018

Vegas Vacation , 1997 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? , 1962 When Harry Met Sally , 1989 Where the Wild Things Are , 2009 The Wrong Turn in Tahoe , 2009 (HBO) The Yellow Birds , 2017 (HBO) Yes Man , 2008 Zookeeper , 2011

Mad Max

Fans of cult cinema in the purest eighties style are in luck. Despite the lack of news, the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ project is still on track. Alarm bells were ringing at the scarcity of updates on George Miller’s film, whose shooting had ended last December. A few weeks ago, the portal Badass Digest confirmed that the team would be immersed in a three-week reshoot schedule starting on November 22. Despite what it may seem, sources of the project have affirmed that it is a recording of extra material and not a modification of the scenes already shot.

Apparently, the material already shot has so impressed the producers that they have granted George Miller a larger budget to perfect the key action scenes. This was echoed by the project’s star, Tom Hardy (Bane in ‘The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn’), who said he was confident that the new ‘Mad Max’ installment is “great” and that the filming will provide “even more spectacular” material.

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The Mad Max video game is based on the original story within the Mad Max universe, featuring the opportunity to customize your car, incredible vehicular action and a host of weapons to try to survive in the Wasteland. Players become Max, the lone warrior, who must fight for survival in the Wasteland through foot and vehicular combat against groups of savage bandits.

“Avalanche Studios has a huge following of Mad Max fans and creating a game set in such a ruthless world was a pleasure for us,” explains Christofer Sundberg, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios. “We are looking forward to seeing how players customize their characters and also the cars.”

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Se observa que muchos elementos de las dos películas, incluyendo el énfasis en los niños héroes, y especialmente el diseño de la criatura, son notablemente similares en cada caso. Hay una escena en la que uno de los niños lleva a “Meba” a dar un paseo en su bicicleta, igual que en E.T.

Trama sobre unos niños que descubren un pequeño alienígena amistoso y tienen que ayudarle a comunicarse con su nave nodriza para que pueda volver a su planeta natal antes de que los militares lo capturen. La escena en la que el extraterrestre hace un desastre en la cocina de los niños mientras se come toda la comida de la familia, y la escena en la que el extraterrestre se comunica con los niños utilizando un dispositivo electrónico doméstico común.

En ambas películas hay una escena en la que el simpático alienígena se sienta en la parte delantera de una bicicleta conducida por un aliado humano mientras son perseguidos por las autoridades terrestres. Y en ambas películas el alienígena amistoso utiliza sus poderes telequinéticos para hacer volar la moto y poder escapar de sus perseguidores.

Durante una escena en la que los Harts son perseguidos, van en una bicicleta de dos plazas y citan lo siguiente (Jennifer) “Si sólo fueras E.T. podríamos volar”. (Jonathan) “Si yo fuera E.T. nos iríamos a casa”.

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